Rig monitoring service

Service for storing and processing information obtained from the sensors of your computer hardware and displaying the received data in the Monitor for Nicehash, Rig Monitoring mobile applications.

Service setup

For reading and sending data, we recommend that you use the modification of the Open Hardware Monitor with the ability to transfer your computer sensors data to a remote server.

  • download and install client
  • unpack the archive into a convenient folder for you (NOTE: the application must have the right to write to the working directory, otherwise, after the PC restart, the identifier will be generated again, as an alternative option is to start the application with administrator rights)
  • launch application
  • verifies that the hardware data are displayed correctly (not all sensors can be recognized)
  • open the Options menu and select Enable remote log option
  • verify that the data is being sent (at the bottom of the application, the line Remote log is enabled: True)
  • add your rig in the mobile application Monitor for Nicahash or Rig Monitoring using the generated Rig identifier
  • optionally, enable Startup at Windows (after the restart, the application will automatically start up) and Minimize to Tray and run Minimize (the application will be automatically minimized in the taskbar)
  • * if you have any difficulties during the configuration and/or the application data is displayed incorrectly, please contact vovk.anton@gmail.com

Download Windows client

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System requirements

  • mobile application Monitor for Nicehash (Android) or Rig Monitoring (Android)
  • Windows operating system with .NET Framework 2.0 and higher
  • processor family:
    • Intel Core 2, Core i3/i5/i7, Atom, Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Broadwell, Silvermont, Skylake, Kaby Lake, Airmont
    • AMD K8 (0Fh family), K10 (10h, 11h family), Llano (12h family), Fusion (14h family), Bulldozer (15h family), Jaguar (16h family)
  • video card family:
    • NVIDIA
    • AMD (ATI)

Service cost

The service cost is ~ 1.49USD per month, without any restrictions on the number of hardware/sensors.


1) What is a client?

Client is a modification of the open source Open Hardware Monitor project with the ability to transfer data regarding the sensors of your computer hardware to a remote server.

2) What information does the client send?

The client sends data related ONLY to the computer hardware, such as:

  • CPUs
  • GPUs
  • RAM
  • and also the name of your computer
3) How often are the data updated?

The client sends data every 30 seconds.

The client DOES NOT collect and does NOT send personal information about the user. The only identifier for the received data is the unique Rig Identifier number generated randomly during the client installation.

4) How to update client?
  • download the latest version
  • if the client is running, stop it
  • uncompress and REPLACE all files in an already installed client (it is important to replace the old files, otherwise a new Rig Identifier will be generated)
  • restart the client